Woman Entrepreneur Sees Downtown Nashville from Above

Nashville’s downtown growth gets documents now from the sky with battery-operated drones.

Long before drones, a Nashville woman used a helicopter or airplane to get those much-needed pictures.

For 17 years, Wendy Whittemore has been the CEO of the company, always ready for liftoff. She had the foresight to see how photos from the sky could one day help the ever-changing Nashville.

“So there was a need there for consistency and documentation from the air,” said Whittemore.

Taking pictures from up high to help new construction figure out where they could put the next new building. She called her place Aerial Innovations.

“When I came to Nashville, very few people were doing aerial documentation,” said Whittemore.

She saw opportunity and jumped – or actually flew – at it.

“I’m the CEO and flight commander of Aerial Innovations,” said Whittemore.

The business has grown. She has a team of pro pilots now in a new world where everyone is learning to fly too.

In 2003, it was planes and helicopters until the drone came along.

You can see over time how the Nashville skyline has changed, and how times have kept changing too.

“As a woman, in several industries that are male dominated like construction aviation, photography we do stand out as a woman-owned business,” said Whittemore.

She’s exceeding limitations with those great photographs.

“We grew up with you could be anything,” said Whittemore. “Someone said ‘What is it like to be a woman-owned business?’ I said, ‘I don’t know what it’s like to be anything else.


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